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3 Key Content Types for Social Media Marketing

Growing a business can be hard when you wear all the hats and although all the gurus tell you social is the way to go – unless you were born after 2000 or have another 2 days in your week – knowing how to use Social Media can seem a little like throwing up and hoping for the best!

I often get business owners asking me what to post when to post what do I even say and how do I structure my social so that are not guessing all the time and I can show up confidently and on-point. 

When using organic social media Business Owners really want to know how they can represent their Brand, build it consistently and share what they do in a meaningful way that brings in more leads and sales

I’m sure you found yourself in a situation where you getting ready to post something to social media and you just not sure what to say what how to craft something that is of value or of interest to your people and ultimately how to  share what you do in a really  positive way that invites people to want to know more.

The first thing to remember is that the key to social media is engagement and the key engagement is being social. 

What I mean by that is the algorithms on all of the platforms measure the amount of Engagement each organic post has. Facebook and Instagram are looking for vitality inside a post and measure this by looking at the number of Likes, comments, shares and interactions with each post.  

If the post attracts a lot of engagement – the platforms send that organic content out to other areas for discovery of anyone who looks like the profile.

Engagement on posts is also an extremely strong market research tool where you can identify what’s working in your business and what isn’t and you can also start to understand what your audiences are interested in and what they’re not  and start to craft content around this.

How do we get engagement on these posts? 

By dipping into the three content types which are education, inspiration and entertainment.

By providing your audiences with content on how to do something, or how to overcome something or how to enjoy something – you will start to build out a strong connection with them and in time – have them sharing your content with their friends – which is the ultimate pat on the back. 

Ok – Let’s Unpack these one by one. 

Educational Content: 

What is Educational Content

Educational content is any form of content that delivers value, shows your audience how to do something or shares with your audience how to do business with you. 

It positions you as the authority in your field and starts to build trust in your brand. If you’re educational content can deliver results it will also place you in the lives of your audience  giving you a real and tangible presence. 

Types of Educational Content 

The right educational content makes a lasting impression on our audiences. Once you understand the problems that your customers and clients are facing, you can create content around that to answer them on your Social Media Business Accounts. 

By providing how to’s,  solution-based content or value-based content that your audiences can implement into their lives now,  not only gives them the result they’re looking for, but places YOU in their mind as the go-to person next time.

Types of Content you can use for Educational Posts: 

  • How Tos
  • Infographics (Sharing Stats or Data around your industry) 
  • Share a short coaching session 
  • Show us how to put your product together 
  • Show us how YOU put your product together 
  • Start Branding your Industry by debunking myths
  • Educate us on what it takes to be in your position in your industry.  

  • Share with us a free resource such as a blog or ebook 
  • Use Video as a way to train us on something you need us to know before working with you 
  • Share a quick tip or trick that will change our lives
  • Share an FAQ. 

Bonus Tip 

Write on a Sheet of Paper – Top 10 Questions  I Get Asked Every Day

Answer your Questions.

Turn these Q&A’s into 10 new posts 

Post once a week – you now have 10 weeks of content done for this Content Type

Rinse and Repeat – give to your team members as well. 

You’re Welcome

When Do I use it? 

Most of us are better at learning things early on in the week.  I usually send out all my educational content on Mondays or Tuesdays.  

What am I hoping to achieve from it? 

By using  Educational Content we are hoping to achieve a level of authority and position ourselves as an industry leader in our area. 

We’re also trying to place our solution into our clients Lives by giving them results that they can implement now.  

This will not only solve their current problem, but it will have them looking to us when the next one comes along.  Further, they will be more inclined to recommend us to their friends and colleagues should they need the same fix.

Educational content is also a powerful way to teach our clients how to do business with us. For some of you may need your clients to be at a certain level before they can work with you so by using educational content you can start to get them up to speed so that when they do ring you for an enquiry they’re almost ready to go.

Inspirational Content

What is Inspirational Content 

Inspirational content is designed to uplift your audience and share a transformational story or space. It will show how your business has made a change in your customers lives, how your lives have been changed or it will do that for your clients and audiences. it will make a change in their life when they read the post.

Inspirational content positions you as the game changer in your industry. It shows your audience how you go about creating that change. It connects on a deeper level and generally creates shareable content.

Types of Inspirational Content

Stories matter in a big way and if you can share a transformational story you are owning this part. Share a story of how you have changed a customer or client’s life. Take us on that journey of where they started and where they ended up because of you.

Share  with us a transformational story of how you have changed in your business. Share how your business started and where it is now. Take us on the journey and allow us into the heartbeat of your business.  This will help us invest more into you and what you are trying to achieve.

Quotes go long way. 

If you can share one of your own quotes inspirational quote that aligns with the Brand’s core values you will find that that will be shared out across the internet. Inspirational quotes touch our hearts the quickest share these for much success.

Entertainment Content

What is Entertainment Content

Entertainment goes a long way when it comes to social media or when it comes to engaging our audiences. Leaning into the things that make your business different in an entertaining way it will make your message and your business linger longer in your clients minds.

Having a laugh sharing a good story sharing in a celebration showing us behind the scenes are all entertainment forms of content. These types of content a light easy-to-digest memorable and change the life of your audience as they watch or read the content. If you tell a funny joke that is going to change the life of your audience right now. If you share a funny story of a dog or a cat or a bird or a mascot inside your work place that is going to change the dimension of your audience’s life. Entertaining content doesn’t necessarily mean stand up comedy or creating a show it means sharing in the light side of your business as it stands with your brand.

Types of entertaining content.

Share with us a birthday A Farewell a holiday or a funny story that’s happening inside your business.

Share an award an event an achievement of one of his staff members with us as in a piece of entertainment. 

Other forms of entertaining content are

  •  Puzzles
  •  fun holiday related content
  •  Memes
  •  viral videos
  •  Jokes
  •  Contest
  •  Giveaways
  •  funny stories from inside your business
  • A video of the day in the life in your office
  •  a video an Animal Mascot that keeps turning up
  •  a funny story about one of your staff members
  •  a funny story about one of your clients or customers
  •  a beautiful scenic photo of outside your office or client office
  •  a day in the life of….
  •  something your name for on brand like coffee or tea or chocolate or whatever it is that you’re known for 

So there you have it 

The three major content types that you can lean into and start to implement into your social media marketing strategy today

Use education inspiration and entertainment posts to weave your brand and story through your feet on a regular basis. 

Pro TiP –  use education earlier on in the week,  inspiration midweek and entertainment towards the end of the week to fall in line with people’s usual ability to retain and take in information.

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