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7 Best Ways to Get Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that can be used as an excellent tool for marketing your brand. For small businesses, a good Instagram strategy it's often the best way to reach new customers who are looking for what you hav

Increase Instagram Engagement for Professional Business Coaches Ready for BIG Impact

Want to know the secret behind getting an amazing amount of comments and likes for your posts, building a targeted audience, growing your followers and more?

Instagram is a powerhouse social media app that’s dynamic and yet a softer landing when it comes to working Social Media for your business!

By using Instagram for marketing and incorporating a small strategy, you will be surprised in the difference in your feed.

There is a system when it comes to creating an amazing Instagram feed. There are many key elements that go into making your posts stand out.  Be unique in content; have creative captions/hashtags so people want to see what you post next time around!  Your Instagram account can make or break the vibe but there’s no need for worry because we are going to unpack some useful tips on how YOU can take advantage of this new social media platform with its one billion active users!

7 Instagram Engagement Strategy Growth for Small Business

Let’s look at 7 of the BEST ways small business owners can get more exposure and grow their audiences on Instagram

1.           Instagram – Timing is Everything.

I always say – there is no use yelling in an empty room – so you will want to post when people are most likely going to be viewing your content! Posting in the morning or late at night also guarantees higher engagement rates than if you posted at other times.

It’s also best to post when people are most likely online – right before lunch, dinner, and right after work. Instagram videos or Instagram stories are always a good idea as well because you can capture your audience for longer periods of time (60 seconds vs 15-30).

2.           Create Good Quality Images for Instagram.

Regardless of whether you are using a DSLR, smartphone or stock images – make sure they are ready for Instagram! This is something that you should do with all of your social media accounts. Make sure your photos and videos look professional so that people don’t avoid following you because they think you’re work is less that on par. Instagram is much more visual than other social media sites (like Twitter) and using good quality/professional images will gain you followers.

3.            Consistency is King on Instagram

Consistency will help people recognize your content and remember you as an account they like to follow. If possible, try making various “themes” ie: everyday Instagram pictures of things around your local area or Instagram videos of your local streets in the morning.

Also try Instagram stories about living as an entrepreneur.  Keeping things consistent makes it easier for people to follow your account! You will most likely get more Instagram likes as well!

4.           Include Instagram Hashtags.

Hashtags are the signposts for you Instagram content. Hashtags are the most effective way to gain followers, especially local ones.

You will want to post Instagram photos with relevant hashtags (i.e.: #business #entrepreneur) in order for people to follow you on social media and see what you’re posting next time around! If someone wants to know about “that local small business on Instagram” who posted a picture of a coffee shop they can now check out your Instagram account and consider following you

5.          Get Creative.

Try different strategies until you find one that works best for YOU – The best way to get Instagram likes and Instagram followers is to be creative. Don’t forget: Instagram was created for images – not just words (that’s what Twitter is for!!)).

A good Instagram feed relies on creativity – you want to make sure that people who follow your Instagram profile keep coming back! Make your Instagram posts unique, use photos/videos from different angles, try filters and editing software inside the app

6.           Create a Schedule and stick to it.

Choose to post once a week or seven days a week (or just 3 days a week – recommended) and stick to it.

There is nothing better than teaching the algorithm you mean business by showing up consistently every week.   Posting once or twice a day is enough but don’t overdo it either – spamming doesn’t work very well on Instagram! Get creative and think outside the box with Instagram marketing strategies if you want more engagement in the comments section of your Instagram posts!

7.           Collaboration over Competition

Collaborate with businesses in your area!

Instagram provides opportunities for collaborations as well! Look up businesses around you and see if they accept collaborations. You never know who you’ll meet on Instagram…you might be able to work with a local business or get some IG promo codes from them (that could lead to more Instagram likes – or Affiliate Marketing!) 

There’s nothing better than working together with other businesses: it allows both of you to grow your social media networks and gain popularity among the users online. A win-win situation : )

Working with Instagram to marketing your business is a powerful way to connect with your customers and clients. Is a place to build brand and find advocates in both customers, local businesses and the general community.

Get started with a social media agency today and embrace all things Instagram!

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