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8 TOP Tips for Professional Business Coaches on Instagram

How to Show Up as a Professional Service Business on Instagram.

How to Show Up as a Business Coach on Instagram.

Oh Instagram – the Delicious Visual Candy. With so many gorgeous images of all the products and lifestyles we want – HOW on earth do we make an impact if we don’t have a physical product or a gorgeous influencer to share it with. How – as serviced based industries such as coaches, lawyers, financial services and even marketers – do we use Instagram to grow our business?!

Instagram is not a sales platform – it is a brand platform.

While there is a time and a place for sales (and I will come to that later) Instagram is all about building brand. As a Business Coach, Professional Development Coach or Leadership Coach you need to know that people buy YOU, not what you do!

Your focus as a Business Coach is to build relationships. It’s important to connect on a personal level. You will need to generate engagement on your posts and begin taking your followers on an experience journey with you as soon as they hit your feed.

As a Professional Business Coach – knowledge is everything – and you will use Instagram to begin to position yourself as the authority with the types of content you create.  You will aim to make a difference in your audiences lives and we do this with the following TOP strategies on how to show up as a Realtor on Instagram.

  1. Strategy is Sexy – let me prove it to you with the 9 Grid Stack!

Instagram for serviced based businesses is all about creating connections. We want to help, provide value and deliver our brand story in a way that encourages the right people to relate to us, trust us and do business with us!

To achieve this – let’s start with the Butterfly Media Method – or the 9 Grid Stack!

Let’s look at the 9 Grid system here on Instagram:

Plan to share:

  • 4 posts that serve or add value
  • 3 posts that connect
  • 2 posts that sell your business.

Further add to this:

  • 4 x Single Image Post
  • 3 x Reels
  • 2 x Videos / Guides

2.    Serve or add value through Education

Share your knowledge. Share tips and tricks on how your clients can better their current predicament.

Share the latest property or market news or show them how to style their home for sale

One of the most effective ways for Realtors to connect with their prospective clients is to LISTEN to what your vendors or buyers are saying to you. 

What are their words? Why are they coming to you? What are they confused about when it comes to buying property, looking for an agent or getting their home ready for sale?

What did they expect and then what did they say when they found out it was different?

Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge – it positions you as the authority and will help your audience get to know you as the go to Real Estate Agent in your farm area. Your clients will need specialized and bespoke services from you – so giving away what you know will only serve you. 

3.    Use Entertainment to Serve

If you have a funny story or feel like jumping on an Instagram Reel – use entertainment to really share the vibe of your brand. Using the features of the platform will not only help you find more reach, you can connect better and really show up representing why you are different. Consistency is King here, so make sure you can set time and stick to it!

4.   Use Inspiration to Build Brand and Share your Agency’s values.

Inspiring quotes that align with your audiences’ beliefs – and also share what you stand for – can build a thriving serviced based industry. A transformative story about how you helped a vendor get a better price than they imagined, or how you helped a fellow Realtor who was thinking of quitting the game when the going got tough … these stories will really help your audiences connect with you!

5.  Sell to your audience sparingly.

People don’t come to social media to look at ads. They way we connect is through service and stories and then we earn the right to place a sales post out inviting our fans to do business with us. Do not fill your social media with sales posts.

6.  Developing your Visual Aspect

Use a Professional Photographer

When you can – show of yourself and your agency in the best possible light.

Show up on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn as if you are at work. Create imagery that informs audiences of your quality and professionalism at every single turn.

Select a professional photographer to give you a series of images that say what you do. Collect images of you with a vendor, with a buyer or doing the office work behind the scenes. Show the professional side and the authentic side to being a Real Estate Agent by using a professional photographer to build out a long-term image library you can dip in to at any time.

Ask the photographer to give you images that show what your business is doing – such as:

  • Consultation Images
  • You surrounded by books in your industry
  • Your business in action
  • Don’t use  “stock images” where you can place your own work inside the image
  • Strong Visual location shots
  • Cafes, libraries, boardrooms, on the phone, on the iPad, giving talks

Use the photographer’s time to really show what you do. 

Budget to bring them back every 3-6 months to build on your Asset library and diversify your online conversation.

7.          Use Canva to Design Templates to represent your brand.

Create a Brand Kit and stick to you. This will not only save you hours in re-creating, but it will present your Realtor Agency as a unified conversation and one that will be instantly recognisable. Make sure it is visually represents you well with the right colors, fonts and style. As humans we are a visual creature and as such – take on more information via branding and visual content than words. Try using one of Canva’s Instagram templates – brand it with your colors and fonts – and use it to develop your visual identity the platform.

Always use these templates to you stay on brand and don’t get confused when in a rush later on.

8.           PEOPLE buy you – not what you do!

As a Real Estate Agency – people will want to connect with the team that works in the business. If you are a solo operator – you will have to step out from behind the business. Share a pic of yourself every nine photos and tell us a little about:

  • Why you got into the business
  • What you love about it
  • What you hate about it
  • When you started
  • What are you working on right now
  • What is your favourite pet up to right now

Use the same photo for each post if you don’t have many – but keep showing up – remember there are people on the other side of Instagram and they need to meet you!

Instagram offers a plethora of ways to connect as a Realtor or Real Estate Agent.

They key takeaways are:

  • Plan your posts using the 9 Grid Stack in Advance
  • Work through the 4-3-2 Methodology of Serving, Connecting and Selling.
  • Get your Visuals sorted with a Pro Photographer, graphics on Canva and sparingly using your Smartphone or Stock images.

If you would like further help with your Social Media practices – feel free to get in contact – its kinda our thing – and we love a good chat about it!!!

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