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Case Study
The Leaders Network

Transforming Lead Generation for Coaches & Online Educators

The Leaders Network

Background : A coaching business specialising in leadership and executive coaching, struggling to generate qualified leads, was spending $5,000 on Facebook Ads Agencies with no tangible results. Seeking an effective solution, they turned to The Bronze Lead, a comprehensive lead generation service tailored for coaches and online educators.

Challenges Faced:

Solutions Provided by The Bronze Lead:

Results Achieved:

Rapid Lead Generation for New Businesses: For a brand-new coaching business launching an online course, The Bronze Lead provided guidance to narrow down the target audience, developed a dedicated landing page, and ran targeted ads. In just 30 days, the campaign resulted in 30 leads, enabling effective prospecting.

How we do it

Key Features of The Bronze Lead:

Measuring Success:

Industry jargon like – Reach, CTR, Unique CTR, CPR, Leads, Quality of Leads and Time to Generate Leads:

The Bronze Lead consistently tracks and analyses these key performance indicators to optimise lead generation strategies and ensure successful outcomes.

Ongoing Support and Assistance:

The Bronze Lead offers a full “done for you” service, providing clients with onboarding videos that educate them on how ads work, manage expectations, and guide them on the necessary actions to maximise conversion rates.

The Bronze Lead has consistently proven its ability to revolutionise lead generation for coaches and online educators, resulting in significant revenue growth, targeted lead acquisition, and expanded customer bases. Partnering with The Bronze Lead empowers businesses to effectively reach and engage their target audience, ensuring substantial returns on their marketing investment.

In Their Words...

Katrina walked us through the importance of niching and got us thinking about our ideal client in ways we hadn’t yet – placing their needs centre. She crafted various copy for each target at each stage of the process as we tested who we would most like to work with. She also created a stand alone landing page that shared not only our program more clearly buy placed us online – allowing our community to connect with the coaches they would be working with – something we had been shy to do up until then.

Katrina helped us make videos, challenged us to niche down, and centred our offer around the clients we most aligned with. Butterfly Media brought in over 30 leads in 30 days for us and we were able to begin the process of understanding our market better. We would recommend Butterfly Media and the Bronze Lead to a coaching business who is established, has a validated offer and is clear on who they service.

Claire White & Wendy Marshall
The Leaders Network