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LinkedIn Basics – How to get started with LinkedIn

How to get started on LinkedIn: Your beginner's guide to creating a LinkedIn profile by Aruai Dongrin who is on Work Experience where at BM from John Paul College.

How to get started with LinkedIn | Butterfly Media

LinkedIn is a social networking site that lets you connect with other professionals. It’s full of opportunities for people to network, find jobs, and discover new business partners. If you’re interested in expanding your professional network or looking for more customers, LinkedIn can help! But how do you get started?

This blog post will walk through the basics of how to use LinkedIn so that it works for you and not against you!

Linked-in is a professional social network for those who seek assistance in finding the right job or internship as well as the desire to strengthen the connection between professional relationships for the benefits of their career and reputation.

This social network consists of different industries including marketing and advertising, non profit organisations, management and government and administration.

 A business page on LinkedIn is used as a voice for your organisation, it helps members learn about your brand and allows you to interact with members on LinkedIn.

Steps on creating a LinkedIn Account:

1.    Go to the official website i.e. in.LinkedIn.com

2.    Click on join in or sign up or sign up button on the top right corner

3.    A new page will open, fill out the details required of you

4.    Click on join now or agree and join

How to connect with others on LinkedIn:

First degree:

Direct connection through invitations on the My Network Page you can connect with them directly by sending a message on LinkedIn.

Second degree:

From the 1st degree page, the 2nd degree connection icon appears next to their name in the search results as well as on their profile. You are able to contact them through mail or an introduction.

3rd degree:

On the second degree page, the third degree connection icon appears next to their name in the search results and on their profile. You are able to contact them through mail or an introduction.

 You can also connect through a members profile by clicking the connect button on their profile page. When clicking connect, there is a space where it allows you to leave a message (300 characters) explaining why you want to connect and how you know the recipient.

One of the best ways to network and grow your professional life is with LinkedIn. With over 500 million users, it’s easy to find people in any profession or industry you may be interested in connecting with. This blog post has outlined some tips for getting started on LinkedIn, so if you want help taking things a step further, sign up for our newsletter below!

We have lots more tips and resources coming soon that will answer all those nagging questions about how to use LinkedIn and Social Media effectively.

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