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Facebook Ads for Beginners: Unlock the Power of Facebook Ads

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Blueprint for Beginners.
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Get Facebook Ads Savvy in 60 Minutes

Overwhelmed by Facebook Ads Manager?

Our course breaks down the complexity, making it accessible and easy to navigate for beginners.

Struggling to create captivating ads?

Learn proven techniques to craft eye-catching ads that resonate with your target audience.

Frustrated with wasted ad spending?

Maximize your budget by understanding how to allocate resources efficiently and avoid common mistakes.

Difficulty reaching the right customers?

Discover powerful audience-targeting strategies to attract high-quality leads and boost conversions.

Limited time to master advertising?

Conquer Facebook advertising in just 60 minutes, tailored to the needs of busy entrepreneurs and side hustlers.

Introducing Facebook Ads for Beginners

4-Module Course

A self-paced curriculum designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs and side hustlers, covering essential Facebook Ads topics in just 60 minutes.

Ad Creation

Learn how to create effective ads that capture your target audience’s attention and drive conversions, even with limited experience.


Discover how to target the right audiences, ensuring your ads reach the people most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Budget Optimization

Gain insights on optimizing your budget to maximize results and minimize wasted ad spend, making the most of your advertising efforts.

Say goodbye to advertising struggles—enrol now and unlock your Facebook ads potential!

Introducing Facebook Ads for Beginners

Unmatched Reach

With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers unparalleled access to potential customers across the globe.

Highly Targeted Advertising

Facebook’s powerful targeting options allow you to reach your ideal audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and more.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Facebook Ads provides a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, with flexible budget options to suit your needs.

Measurable Results

Easily track and analyze the performance of your ad campaigns with Facebook’s robust analytics tools, allowing you to optimize for success.

Boost Brand Awareness & Engagement

Increase your brand’s visibility and foster meaningful connections with your audience through engaging and shareable content.

Don’t miss out on the benefits—master Facebook Ads today!

What’s Included in Facebook Ads for Beginners?

4 Foundational Modules

Dive into four step-by-step foundational modules designed to deliver essential information directly and succinctly to busy business owners and side hustlers who value their time.

Workbooks & Bonuses

Enhance your learning experience with actionable workbooks and valuable bonuses tailored to help you effectively apply the course content to your Facebook advertising efforts.

The Ads Community

Gain instant access to our thriving Ads Community, where you’ll join like-minded entrepreneurs and receive ongoing support through weekly live sessions, ensuring continuous growth in your Facebook advertising journey.

Say goodbye to advertising struggles—enrol now and unlock your Facebook ads potential!

The Four Modules of Facebook Ads for Beginners

Module One

The Facebook Roadmap

Start on the right foot by going back to basics.
Gain a solid foundational understanding of the Facebook ecosystem, the different accounts you need, the distinction between organic and paid, and when to avoid going too deep for beginners.

Module Two

The Facebook Ad Set-Up

This module is like having someone walk you through the ad creation process. Learn how to set up ads correctly, establish goals and objectives, understand creative and copy, create the right call-to-action, target audiences, and set the proper budget and duration. Set up your ads the right way from the start.

Module Three

Create a Compelling Ad

Dive into the intricacies of crafting great ads by setting up a compelling Facebook Messenger ad to generate more inquiries. Discover the right goals, industry secrets for creating text, carousel setup for engagement, messenger automation, and how to build ads that convert.

Module Four

Data is Delicious

Embrace the power of data from your Facebook Ads. Learn how to understand your audience, budget, and product positioning while getting real-time results. Reading the data will help you make informed decisions and place you in the top 10% of your industry.

Unlock the secrets of Facebook Ads—enrol in Facebook Ads for Beginners today!

Unlock Bonus Content To Maximize Your Success

How To Craft the Perfect Offer for Your Audience

Unlock the secrets to crafting offers that resonate with your audience. This bonus video will teach you what to say in your ads and how to get the most out of them using proven industry techniques.

How To Set Up a Lead Generation Campaign

Designed for service-based businesses or those that thrive on leads, this module shows you how to collect leads within Facebook and move them through your sales funnel without costly CRMs.

How To Set Up an E-Commerce Ad Campaign

Make running an online business easier by learning how to set up a Facebook Ad specifically for e-commerce. Discover the magic $100 threshold and how to market effectively for larger budgets.

Get access to our exclusive bonus content—enrol in Facebook Ads for Beginners today!

Join Our Exclusive Private Community

Wait, there’s more!

We understand the value of having a supportive network to ask questions and share ideas while running ads.
That’s why we’ve created the Facebook Ads for Beginners’ private Facebook Community for those who have completed the course.
By joining this exclusive group, you’ll access extended learning, receive feedback on your ads before they go live, and have a safe space to ask all those “silly” questions.

Join our private community and supercharge your Facebook Ads journey—enrol today!

The Butterfly Media Promise

We believe in the value of our course and are committed to your success.

That’s why we offer the Butterfly Media Promise: If you don’t see an improvement in your ads within 30 days of purchasing the course, we’ll refund the full amount—no hard feelings. We want you to gain insights, feel more confident, and have a strong understanding of running your ads.
If you’re not satisfied, contact business@butterflymedia.marketing to request a refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried I don’t have the time right now—do I have to complete the course in 60 minutes?

This self-paced course allows you to take it alone. You can binge-watch the content or break it into smaller sessions as your schedule permits.

How long will I have access to the content? Will my access expire?

You’ll enjoy lifetime access to the course! We’re constantly updating and adding new content, so once you’re in, you’ll have access to everything available now and anything coming soon.

I run a [type of business]. Will this course work for me?

Good news! This course is designed for all types of businesses—professional services, e-commerce, or brick-and-mortar. It’s tailored for busy business owners, helping you get clear and up and running quickly.

I’ve bought other ad courses before and been disappointed. How will yours be different?

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive foundation to feel comfortable and confident using Facebook Ads. Drawing from 6+ years of experience, we’ve distilled the essential information you need to get started without the confusion or fluff.

What if I have questions or need clarification on something?

Our course is interactive, so you can leave questions and comments inside each module or join our Facebook Group for additional learning. You’ll be fully supported throughout your journey!

Get started with Facebook Ads for Beginners and enjoy ongoing support!

Meet Your Expert Guide to Facebook Ads Success

Hi, I’m Katrina, Owner and Lead Ads Specialist at Butterfly Media.

I help business owners like you scale their businesses without wearing themselves thin, using one of the most powerful tools—Facebook Ads.
When I started using Facebook Ads for business, I had no marketing experience, guidance, or idea of navigating Ads Manager. I invested tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours into creating, testing, and learning—through trial and error, mistakes, and wasted money. But it was worth it because Facebook Ads became the number one tool that helped me scale my business.
With over six years of experience in Facebook Ads, I’ve built an agency that consistently brings in 5-figure months on small budgets. Now, I’m condensing everything I know and sharing it with you without the hefty fees, so you can maximize your advertising efforts and grow your business.
If you’re ready to learn, I’d like to teach you too. Let’s bypass six years of learning and skip straight to the good part—the part where you confidently wield Facebook Ads to find buyers and customers.

Enrol in Facebook Ads for Beginners and learn from Katrina’s expertise!