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From Beginner to Pro: Setting Up Your First Facebook Ad Campaign Webinar.

Effortless Lead Generation for
Great Business Coaches

Effortless Lead Generation and Support for Professional Coaches

Its time to bring in leads effortlessly

We believe every person has the potential to do great things that’s why we are committed to shining a light on the
Brave, Authentic and Talented Coaches
who are bogged down by the every day in their business.

In a world of hustle culture,
it’s easy to think that business growth means burning out.

That to get results we need to pull 12 hour days, start cold-calls,
do the rounds at networking events and dance on TikTok …

(All whilst running a business, having a family and looking after our own wellbeing – wow).

But legends? We’ve got another idea.

What if you used real audience insights and a
crystal-clear Facebook strategy to consistently bring in quality clients
who are dying to work with you?

All without spending years (and ad dollars) trying to figure out how.

That’s what Butterfly Media offers –
a clear path for scaling your business using social media
– without wearing yourself thin in the process.

So you can get back to the things that light you up
– like exceeding your client’s expectations,
creating the online course of your dreams,
or simply carving out more time for YOU.

Sound Good?


The Lead Magnet Quiz for Professional Coaches

Find out whether you have got all the ingredients to
bring in leads and new inquiries effortlessly.

Achieve Your Sucess in 3 easy steps


Your Business Card

Build a strong online presence that excites your audiences and has them dying to work with you.


Leadership Brings Leads

Change the Game for your Lead Generation by becoming a leader in your field with Ads and Content


The Strong Offer

Clarity in the market will make converting your clients a breeze as they already know what you do.

Our Services

Not just your average Lead Generation Agency.

Want results like this?

Since 2019, we have been pushing hard for our clients

  • 20X sales for a brand in an international market.


  • Generated $90,000 of sales for a client with an ad budget of $10,000 in less than 12 months.


  • Taken a new business from 0 to almost 1,000 Facebook followers in just six hours and tapped into a new market to create a steady stream of interstate leads.


  • Brought in 7 new paying clients (and almost $150,000 sales) for a business in just 3 weeks (and $250 ad spend).


  • Trained over 500 people in how to use social media for business via workshops, mentoring, in-house presentations and our Social Butterfly Facebook Group.

Want results like this for your business

So How do we do this?

Tested Process

A tested process that uses delicious data and real audience insights

Crystal Clarity

Crystal clear messaging designed for YOUR unique business, not templates

Ad Campaigns

Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns that evolve with your audience through continual testing

4+ Years

4+ Years using Facebook Ads to build and scale businesses


A tenacious attitude that means we don't stop until we get the results

Meet some of the incredible businesses
we have worked with

Meet Raj, e-commerce business owner

20X sales | $90,000 of sales | Less than 12 months

Raj attended one of our Facebook Ads Masterclass Workshops and contact us to discuss using Facebook Ads to promote his new product. 

  • Raj had just started running his own Facebook Ads campaign and was struggling with results and understanding if he was doing the right thing or not.  He wanted to use Facebook Ads to reach audiences wider audiences to make consistent sales.
  • We looked at the market, audited website and landing pages the O-MAGi currently had, offered suggestions to make some amendments, placed them in USD and made sure there was as little friction to purchase as possible.
  • We then went on to research the space, look at the global market and create custom audiences to test inside certain industries.  We also looked at the current website data, and then began running ads to Australia, UK and USA to find audiences that might be interested.
  • We found our audiences,  created an irresistible,  scaled our ads and blew up sales.

    We took the O-MAGi sales to 20x the rate they were doing and 20x their Ads budget

Hi, I’m Katrina,

Owner and Lead Ads Specialist at Butterfly Media

I help coaches and online educator legends – like you – get clear on who they serve, what their clients want and how they can connect with them using social media.

You might say I’m a *little bit* obsessed. 

I think technology is magic, data is delicious and algorithm changes? They’re the digital equivalent of a rubix cube – and I love a challenge. 

I know what a strong social media strategy can do for you. 

From the tangible things like more leads and sales – to the stuff that’s hard to put a finger on – like more time, space and energy to create courses, workshop ideas, or try something new.

That’s why I use the strategies I preach every day.
And why I literally don’t stop until I get results. 

I’m dreaming of a bright, bold future for your business and I want to be there high-fiving you all the way – are you in?

Ready to skip the guesswork, say goodbye to Lead Generation overwhelm and create a clear path to growing your business?