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The key to social media is Engagement and the key to Engagement is being social. The power of Social Media to grow our businesses is unprecedented and there are many ways to use it to find new business.

3 Underrated Ways to Grow your Business using Facebook Comments

The key to social media is Engagement and the key to Engagement is being social.  The power of Social Media to grow our businesses is unprecedented and there are many ways to use it to find new business. Today we are going to look at the power of Facebook comments – and how you can leverage this seemingly tiny aspect of Facebook for huge results!

BUT – what do I mean by Engagement?!   Well, I am glad you asked!

Engagement on Facebook means any likes, comments, shares, link clicks, thru plays on your videos, swipes on your carousels, saves, watch laters, tags and really any form of interaction with your paid or organic content.

Its basically any action taken on a post by your audience.

As we work the platform – we are not only trying to build a larger audience (following) but we are trying to build an Engaged audience. Engagement allows us to understand our market and it helps Facebook trust us.

One of the key ways we build Engagement and Trust on Facebook is via the comments feature.

Comments prove invaluable on Facebook and help us build our brand, our authority and position us as the go-to for business we are trying to attract.

There are 3 Key Areas of Comments we will look at today – that you can begin to implement into your Facebook activities that will take you from quiet as a mouse to the go to business in your industry.

1.     Create Posts with Comments in mind.

When you are making your posts for your Facebook Business Page – create content that will resonate with your audience – and ask them to make comments about the post. One of the best ways to get comments on your posts is to ask for them!

Always include a call to action on the bottom of every post. Ask your audience for their opinion on your post, to share in something relevant in the comments below or tell you how they feel about things. 

2.     Always Answer ALL Comments on your posts

If someone answers your Call to Action – if someone makes a comment on your post – ALWAYS answer it.

Someone has just gone out of their way to make a statement on your post. Imagine a comment on your post just like someone standing in your office or shopfront talking with you. If someone came in and said – I really like what you are doing here – you wouldn’t ignore them or simply stare back at them. It’s the same on Facebook. Make sure you answer all comments.

This not only gives you an opportunity to connect more with that person, you are opening up the conversation to any one else reading the post the possibility to further interaction. Further – Facebook LOVES engagement – so creating more on your posts – Facebook will begin to trust you and push you out to more look-a-like audiences – helping you grow.

3.     Answering Tags inside Facebook Groups.

From time to time, people ask their local community for recommendations. These are usually put out in the Buy Swap Sell groups or community groups. Facebook has become the largest referral network in existence – and you WILL create a lot of opportunity by being active on Facebook and receiving recommendations for your audience as they interact with Facebook.

Facebook offers us the opportunity to directly measure this engagement and understand our audience and their needs. It lets us measure our work and build out our brand in ways our target markets can understand.

Comments are SUPER important and are really are lead generation.

Don’t be scared to use them – and really work them. They offer you so much scope for growth.

Don’t be shy of Facebook – visibility is key to the success of any business. 

So in short – the Comments feature of Facebook packs a powerful punch. 

1.     Create Posts that generate questions and Engagement

2.     Answer all comments on your posts

3.     Use referrals in the BSS Groups to really show what you can do – provide value in your answers. (Follow up any tagging with a direct message to the people who are asking and tell them in the comments that you have sent them a message).

BONUS – use the comments for market research!

You can use the comments section to conduct market research – but literally asking your engaged audience what they want from you. 

Like now – I am going to ask all of you to place in the comments topics you would like me to discuss. Let me know what your NUMBER 1 biggest hurdle is when it comes to growing your business or using Social Media. Leave me a comment below.

It could be how to use stories, what to post, how to measure your work, how to know whether Facebook is making you money, to Boost or not to Boost. How to use Facebook Ads?

Let me have your comments below on your thoughts about this tiny little space in the Big Wide World of Social Media!

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